Calvatia gigantea

Or a “puffball mushroom”. It appeared in the middle of our front lawn without assistance from my green thumb. It was the size of a football. Maybe not, but it was big. According to a website on mushrooms, it’s edible. I was curious? Maybe it would introduce me to astral travel like it did Alice. Or I’d end up in the ER. It was not a risk I want to take so I threw into the trash and ate a yogurt from the fridge instead.

Art on Wheels

Vintage Bus shown at a local car show in Paramus, NJ. The bus was originally used to transport nuns. There were a lot of shiny, refurbished vintage vehicles at the show but this was the coolest. Photos: my own. July, 2016.

Parking Spot Angel:


I was listening to an audiobook on spellwork and the author encouraged summoning the “Parking Spot Angel” for 40 days to prove that magick works. I scoffed at doing this. Not because I doubt magick but because I thought it was a frivolous use of it. Besides, I don’t mind walking. That afternoon, I drove to supermarket where I usually end up parked in far away places. Not today. Lo and behold, there was an empty parking spot right in front of the main entrance waiting for me. I almost broke a nail swerving into it. Thank you Parking Spot Angel. I do believe.